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Choose a One Stop Shop if Opting Out

So you’ve decided to opt-out or you are at least considering opting out of the government sponsored debris removal program.  Whether you want to opt-out because you want to control the timing of the cleanup and want to re-build as fast as possible, want control over who enters your property, believe you can maximize your insurance coverage more by opting out, or you simply don’t like working with the government. 

To opt-out, you need to submit the paperwork found here , and submit it by January 31, 2019 (most consultants will do this for you).  That’s the easy part.  From there, owners need to ensure the debris removal activities at your property follow the same program the state/County is implementing, and is also why we recommend you choose a one stop shop.  Our firm worked on 50+ projects for homeowners affected by the Carr Fire and we are well versed in going through the process, which can be daunting.  The one common theme that we saw is that homeowners faired far better if they chose one firm who managed the project throughout the entire process.  Homeowners have enough to deal with outside of the debris removal and being a project manager for a multi phase and very personal project is not something I’d wish on anyone.  The most successful projects we saw were ones where homeowners hired a firm who had a team in place that was going to handle everything from the initial asbestos testing, to work plan submittal, to debris and soil removal, to final soil testing and documentation submittal to getting a clearance to re-build.  Otherwise, you’d need to locate and retain contractors from different specialties, provide the same info repeatedly, and generally just deal with more parties than are necessary. 

Look for one stop shops so you can provide your basic information (address, contact info, etc.) and then make sure your firm is giving you updates on the status weekly.  There are many good firms in the Chico-Redding greater area and I’d encourage homeowners to utilize local contractors as much as possible so the money that has to be spent stays local.  Ensure your chosen firm’s schedule and when they will perform the initial asbestos testing, submit a work plan, provide you estimated dates for debris removal, etc.  Basically, turn it over to an experience firm, make sure you are initially comfortable with them, and then try and remove this one part of the painful process from your mind.

If we can help provide you guidance, information, or be of any help in general, please feel free to contact me and I will provide whatever help I can at no charge.


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