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Illegal Marijuana Grow Cleanup

As the legalization of marijuana continues to spread across the United States, the number of properties used for illicit marijuana growing operations has also been on the rise. Illegal marijuana grow sites often use harmful and illegal chemicals to increase their yields and protect their crops from pests and diseases. These chemicals can contaminate the soil, water, and air, and pose serious health risks to both the environment and consumers.

At Guzi-West, we provide comprehensive testing services for properties and structures following illicit marijuana growing operations. Our team of experts is trained to identify the various signs of illicit marijuana growing, including mold growth, structural damage, and air quality issues. We use advanced testing methods to detect any harmful substances that may be present at the property, including pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Our testing process begins with a thorough inspection of the property and its surrounding areas. We assess the structural integrity of the building, identifying any damage caused by the illicit growing operation. We examine the air quality to determine if there are any contaminants present that could pose a threat to human health. In addition, we test for pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. All samples are then sent to state-of-the-art laboratories, where they are analyzed using advanced testing methods.

Following receipt of laboratory data, we provide a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations. Our team works closely with property owners and managers to ensure that they understand the findings and are aware of the remediation process.

If you suspect that your property has been used for illicit marijuana growing operations, we recommend utilizing a professional testing service such as Guzi-West. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Illegal Marijuana Grow Contaminants

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