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Air Quality with Mycometer® -test

Revolutionize Indoor Air Quality with Mycometer® -test

Revolutionize Indoor Air Quality with Mycometer® -test: A Breakthrough in Rapid Fungi Detection

Through years of experience, research, and thousands of investigations, Guzi-West has an option for addressing residential indoor air quality concerns. Our approach involves a short-term monitoring method specifically targeting mold, providing a cost-effective way to assess immediate and persistent air quality issues.

At the forefront of technology, the Mycometer® -test, developed by Mycometer A/S and distributed by Mycometer, Inc., introduces a revolutionary approach to the swift and accurate analysis of fungi in the air. This state-of-the-art technology employs advanced fluorogenic detection methods, providing real-time results crucial for assessing and managing fungal contamination in various environments.

Key Features:

Precision Air Sampling: Utilizing specialized air sampling devices, including portable pumps and collection media, we effectively capture airborne fungal spores.

Strategic Sample Collection: Positioned at breathing height in the area of concern, our sampling device operates for 10 minutes, actively collecting air and capturing any fungal spores present.

On-Site Sample Analysis: Collected samples undergo on-site analysis, providing same-day results. The Mycometer® -test, rapid fungi detection technology, leverages fluorogenic detection of enzyme activities found predominantly in a specific taxonomic group. A sample, be it a filter or swab, interacts with a test solution containing a synthetic enzyme substrate. Fungal cells' enzyme hydrolyzes the substrate, leading to fluorescence upon UV light excitation.

Informed Data Interpretation: Results are interpreted based on established criteria and guidelines, reporting the concentration of fungal spores as colony-forming units per cubic meter of air (CFU/m³), offering a clear quantitative assessment.

Benefits of MAF Protocol: The Mycometer Air Fungi (MAF) protocol provides a comprehensive quantitative assessment of fungal contamination in indoor environments. This precise evaluation helps identify potential sources of fungal growth and ensures a thorough examination of indoor air quality. The Mycometer® -test has earned validation through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program. This program aims to accelerate the acceptance and utilization of innovative and cost-effective environmental technologies. Mycometer® -test underwent rigorous testing and evaluation by the Advanced Monitoring Systems (AMS) Center, operated by Battelle in cooperation with EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory. More information about EPA's ETV validation can be found here:

Applications and Use Cases: Widely adopted in indoor air quality assessments, building inspections, and mold remediation projects, the MAF protocol serves as an invaluable tool for professionals in these fields.

Important Considerations: While excelling in assessing indoor air quality, the MAF protocol focuses on evaluating whether indoor air quality is affected by mold growth. In cases of visible mold growth or persistent water damage issues, Guzi-West recommends alternative approaches. Addressing sources of leaks through licensed contractors or opting for mold mitigation with a specialized contractor is considered a more effective strategy.

Elevate your understanding of indoor air quality with the Mycometer Air Fungi (MAF) protocol — a proven method for precise fungal contamination assessment. Trust Guzi-West for comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. Breathe confidently in a healthier indoor environment.

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