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Commercial Mold Investigation

The Guzi-West team are certified IAQA S.M.A.R.T. Mold Assessment Professionals as well as certified Mycometer-test Air Sampling and Analysis Professionals. Guzi-West has intimate knowledge of building systems that has proven to be especially valuable in evaluating potential sources of mold, and more importantly at times, providing solutions to the moisture source/s causing the mold problems in the first place. Our team utilizes cutting edge tools to investigate mold growth within commercial spaces including hard to reach areas such as wall cavities, attics, crawlspaces, HVAC systems, unexpected areas of moisture build-up, and more.

Guzi-West's pragmatic approach to assessing mold issues within commercial structures includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Initially, our certified mold inspectors will perform a detailed investigation of the structure and address potential issues such as lack of ventilation, lack of air movement, exterior drainage issues, roof leaks, HVAC issues and/or leaks, condensation build-up, and other issues that could proliferate mold growth.
  2. Guzi-West personnel will record exterior weather conditions, such as temperature, humidity, current weather, wind direction, in addition to recording interior observations and measurements for visible mold growth, water damage, moisture content/s, temperature, relative humidity and odors. A FLIR E5 compact thermal imaging camera will be utilized to check/verify suspected moisture damage.
  3. Based upon the site observations and input from the building owners and their representatives, Guzi-West personnel will collect air quality samples for mold analysis from various pre-determined locations. At the same time, Guzi-West personnel will collect one exterior air sample in order to establish a 'control' for use in comparing analytical results. If apparent mold is identified actively growing, Guzi-West personnel will collect tape lift samples to identify the mold genus, if present.
  4. Detailed mapping of the structure, sample locations, and areas of concern will be noted and mapped in order to later correlate the significance of the analytical results.
  5. All samples will be submitted to a qualified laboratory for analysis on pre-determined turnaround times.
  6. Following receipt of the sample results, Guzi-West will prepare a report of findings that identifies site observations, analytical data, conclusions, and recommendations.

Overall, a commercial mold investigation is a worthwhile investment for any business owner or property manager. It can protect the health of occupants, identify the source/s of mold, preserve the building, ensure legal compliance, and provide peace of mind.

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Mold Investigation

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